Our Commitment to You, Our Clients

  • Our Clients include IME companies large and small across the USA along with Law Firms, Insurance companies and Employer groups.
  • EPE represents a team of physicians and we can and do work directly with IME companies so if you need to go through an IME firm, they can contact us to give you access to any and all of our physicians.  Or you can contact us directly…whatever works best for your particular situation.  Basically we can work with anybody within the IME industry!
  • Serve our IME, Legal and Insurance clients by providing expert, unbiased medical evaluations and opinions.
  • Understand the needs of all of those who depend on us and then exceed all their expectations.
  • Provide first-rate, succinct, precise and thorough reports.
  • Maintain integrity and accountability by requiring the physician providing their expert medical opinion personally reviews the medical records and the final report before sending it to the customer.
We take pride in carefully selecting our Physician Panel.
Medical Legal Work
  • IME – Independent Medical Evaluations
  • FR – Record or File Review
Expert Witness &
  • Attorney Conference
  • DEPO – Deposition Video / Recorded or In – Person
Disability Rating & Impairment Rating
  • PPD – Permanent Partical Disability
  • MMI – Maximum Medical Improvement